Great Atlantic Hurricane - September 1944

The system that became this hurricane moved through the Windward Islands on September 8.  By the 9th, the
hurricane was found by reconnaissance aircraft northeat of Puerto Rico.  The cyclone moved west-northwest,
and was just off the northern Bahamas on the evening of the 12th.  Since the storm was extremely large and
intense, the Miami Hurricane Warning Office named it "Great Atlantic Hurricane."  Moving to the north, the
center passed just east of Hatteras at 9:20 am on the 14th.  Continued acceleration to the north-northeast became
apparent as the center made landfall on eastern Long Island at 10 pm the same day, and then into New England
near Point Judith, Rhode Island an hour later before escaping back out to sea offshore Massachusetts.  The center
skimmed the coast of Maine before moving into southeast New Brunswick, and eventually Newfoundland
before merging with a nontropical cyclone near Greenland.   The rainfall map below for the Great Atlantic
Hurricane was created by Paul Kocin.

Great Atlantic Hurricane (1944) Rainfall