Tropical Storm Hallie - October 23-27, 1975

An upper trough and its associated cold front moved through the Eastern United States into the western Atlantic
on October 18th.  The southern portion of the front became stationary over the Bahamas as an upper level low
formed in its vicinity.  For several days, extensive cloudiness and rain fell in the vicinity of the Bahamas.  The
northern portion of a tropical wave moved into the area, which helped form a subtropical depression by midday
on the 24th east of Daytona Beach.  Early on the 25th, the depression moved north around 100 miles offshore
the coast as it acquired tropical character.  The system strengthened into a tropical storm during the afternoon of
the 26th east of Charleston, South Carolina.  At this point, Hallie was moving northeast and began accelerating
out to sea.  The cyclone became extratropical on the 27th well east of Norfolk, Virginia. Data was provided by
the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tropical Storm Hallie (1975) Rainfall Tropical Storm Hallie (1975) Rainfall Tropical Storm Hallie (1975) Rainfall