Tropical Storm Henri - September 2-16, 2003

Henri formed from a tropical wave that moved from Africa to the tropical Atlantic Ocean on 22 August. The wave
 reached the eastern Gulf of Mexico on September 1st where the northern portion became nearly stationary, while the
 southern  portion continued westward. By the afternoon of the 3rd, the associated convection and low-level circulation
  became well-enough organized about 260 n mi west of Tampa, Florida to become Tropical Depression Twelve.
 The depression was embedded in the southern portion of a slow-moving mid-latitude trough and moved slowly
eastward. The depression became a tropical storm just after midnight on the 5th and the wind speed increased to its
 maximum value of 60 mph that afternoon even though there was at least 25 mph of southwesterly vertical shear
 affecting  the circulation. The system quickly weakened to a tropical depression before Henri, preceded and
accompanied by  heavy rain, accelerated northeastward across north-central Florida on the 6th. Over the  southwest
North  Atlantic Ocean, Henri slowed its forward speed on the 7th when it became trapped to the south of a shallow
 high  pressure system. Strong vertical shear finally led to its dissipation when the depression lost a well-defined
low-level  circulation and simultaneously became involved with a frontal zone resulting in a spreading out of the
 wind field.   The broad and disorganized extratropical low remained nearly stationary off the coast of the Carolinas
for  several days and moved inland over North Carolina on the 12th and 13th.  Below is its track provided
 by the National Hurricane Center

Henri 2003 track

The storm total rainfall maps below were constructed using data from data provided by the National
Climatic Data Center, Southwest Florida Water Management, and the Washington/Baltimore
Climate Network.

Grace 2003 Rainfall contour Henri (2003) Filled Contour Rainfall
Henri (2003) Filled Contour Rainfall on White Background

Below are the calendar for Daily Precipitation Maps.  Note that the 24-hour periods end
at 12z that morning.

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