Tropical Storm Hermine - September 13-23, 1998

A tropical wave moved off the western coast of Africa on September 5 and moved westward
across the Atlantic.  Showers and thunderstorms increased with the wave as it approached the
Winward Islands on the 12th.  Since it passed very close to the South American coast, development
was hindered until it moved on a northwest course into the western Caribbean away from the
continent.   It was there when a tropical depression formed on the 15th.  Becoming involved with
an upper low in the Gulf of Mexico, development was slow, and the system became a tropical
storm on the morning of the 19th.  It moved inland near Cocodrie, Louisiana on the 20th, and
then tracked northeastward across southern Mississippi and into western Alabama by the morning
of the 21st, dissipating in the Carolinas by the morning of the 22nd.

Hermine (1998) Track

Below is the storm total rainfall for Tropical Storm Hermine.  Note the maximum along the
Gold Coast of Florida, due to the inflow bands from the cyclone over a few days' time interacting
with an upper cyclone in its vicinity.  A secondary maximum in the South lies to the right of the storm's track.
A tertiary maximum lies along the dying cyclone's final inflow band while located well inland.  Data for the map
was compiled from Daily Precipitation Publications by the National Climatic Data Center.

Hermine (1998) Storm Total Rainfall
Hermine (1998) Storm Total Rainfall Hermine (1998) Storm Total Rainfall

Below is the calendar for Daily Precipitation Maps.  Note that the 24-hour periods end
at 12z that morning.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

18 19
20 21 22