Hurricane Ignacio - August 19-29, 2003

A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on August 6th.  It moved westward without any development,
crossing Central America and emerging into the Pacific ocean on the 16th.  Thunderstorms began to organize
and by the 20th, it was an area of disturbed weather moving along the Mexican coast.  By the 22nd, once it
moved away from land, the system organized into a tropical depression about 190 miles southeast of Baja
California.  Moving northwest, the system strengthened into a tropical storm early on the 23rd and a hurricane
early on the 24th.  It reached category two intensity as it made landfall late on the 24th.  Slowly moving up the
spine of Baja California Sur, the system slowly weakened while dropping significant rainfall.  By the 26th it
had degenerated back into a tropical depression.  By the 28th, it became a vague area of cloudiness which moved
up towards Baja California Norte before dissipating.  Below is its track, provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Ignacio (2003) Track

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Ignacio, which used data from the Comision Nacional
del Agua, parent agency of Mexico's National Weather Service.

Hurricane Ignacio (2003) Storm Total Rainfall
Hurricane Ignacio (2003) Storm Total Rainfall Hurricane Ignacio (2003) Storm Total Rainfall