Subtropical Storm 3 - September 12-18, 1976

On September 12th, a mid-tropospheric cyclone interacted with a stationary front, forming an area of
low pressure over central Florida.  The low moved north, becoming a tropical storm late on the 13th
as it moved offshore north of Jacksonville.  Crossing only a very small portion of the subtropical Atlantic,
the cyclone made landfall just south of Charleston, South Carolina on the 14th.  The low weakened as
it moved inland, becoming extratropical over Virginia.  The resultant mid-latitude cyclone moved north
across Pennsylvania and New York before recurving through southeast Canada, clearing the Northeast
by the morning of the 19th.  Data was provided by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville,
North Carolina.

Subtropical Storm 3 (1976) Rainfall Subtropical Storm 3 (1976) Rainfall Subtropical Storm 3 (1976) Rainfall