Tropical Cyclone Rainfall


This set of pages remains in flux, with new information added from time to time.

Data is available for impactful tropical and subtropical cyclones that impacted the

U.S. from 1900 onward to the present, and Mexico between 1982 and 2003.



Storms Available

By Name

By Year

By Region Of Impact

By Point Of Entry

Point Maxima in reverse chronological order

Pre-1956 U.S. T.C. Rainfall Publication

Rainfall analogs to current storms

Derived Information

Maxima Per U. S. State

Maxima Per U. S. County

(autodownloading related .csv file)

Maxima Per Mexican State

T.C. Rainfall Averages & Maxima per Duration

Background Information

Methodology for climatology



T.C. Rainfall Forecasting

T.C. Rainfall Powerpoint Slideshow


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