Tropical Depression One - June 12-17, 1984

An upper level low helped spur the development of a tropical depression off the northeast coast of Florida on June
12th.  The system moved into the St. Augustine area over the next couple days, with its main thunderstorm activity
concentrated north of the center.  The system moved north of the upper low which initially spurred development
for the next few days while tracking westward just inland of the Gulf coast as a small area of low pressure.
 Occasional increases of thunderstorm activity were seen with the low until the system dissipated completely
across Louisiana.  Below are the storm total rainfall maps for the depression, using data provided by the
National Climatic Data Center.  The track was provided by the National Hurricane Center, then extended
to the west based on the Daily Weather Map series.

Tropical Depression One (1984) Rainfall Tropical Depression One (1984) Rainfall Tropical Depression One (1984) Rainfall