Tropical Depression #2  - July 20-23, 1994

Tropical Depression #2 formed from a weather system of nontropical origin.  A broad upper trough
extended northeast from the Bahamas in mid-July.  Thunderstorms increased within this trough to the
north of the Bahamas on the 18th.  A weak surface low gradually developed a couple hundred miles
southeast of South Carolina by the 19th.  That night, a tropical depression formed from this low.  Its
circulation became much better defined just prior to landfall with a significant increase in convection.
It moved northwest into South Carolina.  Its low pressure area ill-defined on the 21st, though the
convective system retained organization until it accelerated into Nova Scotia on the 22nd.  Below
  are the storm total rainfall maps for the depression.  Rainfall information was obtained from the National
 Climatic Data Center.

T.D. #2 of 1994 Rainfall T.D. #2 of 1994 Rainfall T.D. #2 of 1994 Rainfall