Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
1999 Accomplishment Report

1. Introduction - Calendar year 1999 was a time of great change in the HPC.  New systems were introduced to operations and older systems retired, and a major retraining of staff was undertaken on short notice to meet the requirements of the Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) Process Assessment Team and the needs of the NWS field offices.  Most importantly, the HPC product suite was revamped near the end of the year to implement those needs and requirements.  HPC staff also participated in Hurricane Liaison Team (HLT) briefings to FEMA and the emergency management community on several landfalling tropical cyclones, including Hurricane Floyd.  Finally, HPC provided briefings for the Y2K rollover period for the President’s Council on Y2K.

2.  Major Accomplishments -  HPC’s most significant accomplishments over the past year are documented below in roughly chronological order.

3.  Awards in 1999 - HPC staff were the recipients of several significant awards this year.  The most notable awards are listed below. 4.  HPC Staff - The HPC staffing was relatively stable during 1999 with only a few changes.  The listing below shows the staff assigned as of December 31, 1999.

Front Office
James E. Hoke, Director
Kevin C. McCarthy, Deputy Director
Jeanette H. Rolen, Secretary

Technical Support Group
Gerald A. Delaney, Administrative Officer
Meteorological Technicians:  Jacqueline I. Hatchett, Rufus J. Jackson, Jr., William McReynolds, Jr.

Development and Training Branch
Edwin J. Danaher, Branch Chief
Peter C. Manousos, Science and Operations Officer
Michel Davison, International Desks Coordinator
Meteorologist Developers:  Keith F. Brill, Joe W. Carr, Jr., Steven A. Listemaa, Robert L. Rausch
Brett McDonald, OM Visiting Scientist
Stephen Jascourt, OM Postdoctoral Fellow
John Jacobson, Contractor Coordinator for the Saudi Desk

Forecast Operations Branch
David W. Reynolds, Branch Chief
Senior Branch Forecasters:  Michael T. Eckert, Norman W. Junker, Brian Korty, Bruce D. Terry, Louis E. Wolf
Forecasters:  James A. Cisco, Stephen J. Flood, Christopher M. Hedge, Mark Klein, John R. Leathers, Arthur J. Lindner, Paul Mausser, Robert J. Oravec, Alan J. Robson,  Franklin A. Rosenstein, David M. Roth, Jessica L. Schauer, Michael L. Schichtel, Bruce E. Sullivan, David S. Wally
Interns/Surface Analysts:  Jon M. Flatley, Carl McElroy, Frank J. Pereira, III, Paul A. Ziegenfelder

Staffing Changes during 1999
    Jessica Schauer, forecaster, arrived in January
    Victor Nouhan, forecaster, departed in October
    Carl McElroy, intern/surface analyst, arrived in December

5.   Pictures of the HPC