NOAA/NWS Weather Prediction Center Excessive Rainfall Outlook (ERO) Maps

Note! These specialized maps are not operationally supported 24/7. If issues arise, please utilize the WPC Web Site Comments and Feedback form to alert us of any issues or concerns.

Click on the ERO Day of interest, then click the NWS CWA or State* to be directed to the static map.
* Please note that CWA/State boundaries may take a moment to load/display.

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Scheduled updates to all CWA and State ERO maps occur between 9-10 UTC, daily. The Day 1 ERO maps are updated again between 16-17 UTC, daily. The Day 2 & 3 ERO maps are updated between 21-22 UTC, daily. Maps for unscheduled updates to the ERO and the 01 UTC Day 1 ERO update are not currently available through this service.