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24 Hour Precipitation Total - Day 1

Day 1 QPF
Day 1 QPF
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6 Hourly Precipitation Amounts - Day 1

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Excessive Rainfall + All 6-Hourly Fcsts Days 1 and 2
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WPC 6-Hour Probabilistic QPFs
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Precipitation Verification

How accurate are WPC precipitation forecasts?
Computing precipitation forecast accuracy

24-Hour Observed Precipitation Charts (Valid 12Z-12Z)
(introduced 10/1/2008)

Latest 24-Hour Precipitation Chart (original version)
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Download observed station data by visiting the Environmental Modeling Center's ftp directory containing daily precipitation text files.   Look for files named in the format usa-dlyprcp-yyyymmdd, where yyyymmdd is the year (4 digits), month, and day of the verifying analysis.