Project Milestones

Harris County TX Rainfall during Allison (2001)
October 2000 - Creation of the web page for the project - First page created for  Gordon (2000).  Initial images were in black and white, and included numerical labels on all isohyets.  Initial rain total lists were created in Word Perfect.  Several of the early spreadsheets were sent along to the Hurricane Research Division to help validate r-CLIPER results.
May 2002 - Tropical cyclone rainfall presentation at the AMS Hurricane Conference in San Diego, CA with preliminary results for five years of storms.  Database began to be input into a speadsheet format by hand.  Several of the spreadsheets were sent to the Hurricane Research Division, to help verify r-CLIPER forecasts.  Colored isohyetal images were created for storm total rainfall by this time, with a color coded legend introduced, which reduced the clutter created by the original numerical labels.  Also, an automated plotting script was written by the HPC Development and Training Branch, which greatly sped up the creation of the tropical cyclone rainfall pages by a factor of 5-10.
May 2003 - Tropical cyclone rainfall presentation of Inland tropical cyclone impact workship at NC State in North Carolina.  Database included storms over a 10 year period (1993-2002) for the lower 48.  Online comma-delimited files from the National Climatic Data sped up the process of file creation by an additional factor of 2.
Late 2004 - First images from the project were included in National Hurricane Center tropical cyclone reports.
Late 2005 - Tropical cyclone rainfall project named one of NOAA's Best Practices in the Hurricane Katrina Service Assessment.  Database included over 20 years of tropical cyclone impacts for the lower 48 at that time.  A graphic showing storm total maxima per state, and maxima per time frame, were added online.  Images from the project were used in presentations by the National Hurricane Center and Southeast River Forecast Center.
Juliette (2001) Storm Total Image
March 2006 - Tropical cyclone rainfall presentation at the Interdepartmental Hurricane Conference in Mobile, AL concerning HPC tropical cyclone QPF practices.  Pages for Puerto Rico's tropical cyclones included into the database.  Tracks began to be included in the storm total images, per user input.  Images from the project were being included in wikipedia articles.  Special wikipedia articles included information from both this database, and the beginnings of a worldwide tropical cyclone rainfall database which was developing in-house.
September 2006 - Mexican tropical cyclones started being included in the project, per data received from the Comision Nacional del Agua, the parent agency of Mexico's national weather service.  Scripts were created to automate the file creation.  Color filled images began to be added to the various pages.  Slight changes to the color fill pallete were coordinated with the National Hurricane Center, to improve readability of the graphics.
January 2007 - 200th storm added to the climatology, Claudette (1979).  Database complete for 30 years of lower 48 impacts.
October 2007 - 270th storm added to the climatology, Betsy (1965).  Seven years of Mexican impacts completed.  All color filled graphics added to the pages.  Pages began to be added for Hawaii.
Spring 2008 - Data began to be added for United States dependencies in the Pacific ocean.  Database included 305 storms.  Short tropical cyclone rainfall presentation given at Orlando National Hurricane Conference.  Tropical cyclone rainfall presentation and methodology for the tropical cyclone storm total graphics added online.
July 2008 - Cliqr program output, displaying tropical cyclone rainfall analogs to current tropical cyclones every six hours, becomes available.

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