Medium Range Forecasts (Days 3-7)
Note to users: As of December 12, 2012, we have consolidated the sea level pressures and fronts forecasts into a single page, Please update your bookmarks accordingly as the graphics displayed below will no longer update.

Sea Level Pressures and Fronts
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Maximum Temperatures
Minimum Temperatures
Precipitation Probabilities
12-hour forecasts                     24-hour forecasts
Max/Min/Precip Probability Composites
WPC's Day 4-7 Gridded Forecasts
Day 3-7 Temperature and PoP Forecasts - Text Format
WPC's 5-Day Total QPF/5-Day Mean Temperature Forecasts
WPC's Day 3-7 500mb Height Forecasts for the Continental U.S.
GFS 500mb Height/Anomaly Forecasts
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Hawaiian Discussion

Preliminary Sea Level Pressures and Fronts
(available by 1315 UTC)

Note: These are unofficial products intended for coordination purposes only. Significant modifications are possible for the final issuance at 1900 UTC.

Day 3 Fronts and Pressures
Day 3
[b/w]   [full color]
Day 4 Fronts and Pressures
Day 4
[b/w]   [full color]
Day 5 Fronts and Pressures
Day 5
[b/w]   [full color]

Day 6 Fronts and Pressures
Day 6
[b/w]   [full color]
Day 7 Fronts and Pressures
Day 7
[b/w]   [full color]
Day 3-7 Fronts and Pressures for the U.S.
Days 3-7

Loop of sea-level pressures and fronts through day 7

Extended Forecast Discussion*

* A note to our users about the extended forecast discussion. To simplify access to the most recently issued discussion, we have replaced link to the "Preliminary" product with that above. The latest issued discussion (whether it be a "Preliminary" or "Final") will display when clicking this link.

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