Some candid pictures...
Jim Howcroft and Ron McPherson Ribbon-cutting ceremony
Jim Howcroft and Ron McPherson strike a familiar pose. Jim Hoke makes a few comments as part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony formally opening the renovated fourth-floor operations area.
Louis Uccellini describing the seamless suite of products Fred Shuman
Louis Uccellini describes the “seamless” suite of products. Fred Shuman makes a point about the good old days.
HPC Bill McReynolds working on his operational product NCO Carl Staton
HPC's Bill McReynolds (foreground) works on his operational product while the visitors discuss the modernization of NWS operations. Carl Staton focuses the group on NCO's Senior Duty Meteorologists and Computer Operators.
Many informal discussions were held in the operations area. Pedro Fritz welcomes his former bosses to MPC operations.


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