The NCEP Center Directors brought the former Directors up to date...
NCEP Director Louis Uccellini Dr. Louis Uccellini, Director of NCEP, traced the history of NCEP from the days of the Joint Numerical Weather Prediction Unit (JNWPU), formed in July 1954, through NMC to NCEP.  He described the changes at NCEP during the past few years and discussed his vision for the seamless suite of  products to be generated by NCEP and the NWS.
NCO Director Carl Staton Carl Staton, Director of NCEP Central Operations, described the current status of computing at NCEP and the plans to upgrade the IBM SP supercomputer this fall.  He also discussed the fire that forced the early removal of the Cray C-90 and the tremendous emergency efforts put in by his staff and others in the NWS, as well as the invaluable assistance rendered by other numerical processing centers both nationally and internationally.
EMC Director Steve Lord MPC Deputy Director Mark Waters
Steve Lord, Director of the Environmental Modeling Center, described the current suite of numerical models and EMC’s plans for the future.  EMC is developing models of sophistication dreamed of in the days of the JNWPU.
Marine Prediction Center Deputy Director Mark Waters took a lighter tone as he described the products and services of the MPC.  Nevertheless, Mark addressed some of the very significant and serious accomplishments of the MPC, including tailored support to NTSB Chairman Jim Hall and his staff at the Recovery Task Force Command Center for EgyptAir flight 990.
AWC Director David Rodenhuis HPC FOB Director Dave Reynolds
David Rodenhuis, Director of the Aviation Weather Center in Kansas City, described the operations of the AWC.  He detailed some of the new products, such as the Collaborative Convective Forecast Product that includes input from the SPC, FAA, and the airlines. 
Dave Reynolds, Director of Operations for the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, discussed the changes that have taken place in the HPC product suite during the past two years.  He focused on the impact of the new QPF process that has increased the role of the HPC in providing support to the RFCs.  Despite this photographic evidence to the contrary, Dave was able to stay awake throughout his entire talk.
CPC Director Ants Leetmaa SPC Director Joe Schaefer
Climate Prediction Center Director Ants Leetmaa described the products and services of the CPC.  The very successful seasonal forecasts of the past few years by the CPC have increased the visibility and utility of the long-range forecast program of the NWS.
Joe Schaefer, Director of the Storm Prediction Center, discussed the increase in verification scores for severe weather products issued by the SPC.  He showed examples of some of the new products under development, including probabilistic severe weather watches.
TPC TAFB Chief Chris Burr SEC Director Ernie Hildner
Chris Burr, Chief of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch, represented the Tropical Prediction Center.  He described the work of the TPC, with a focus on the forecasting of tropical storms and hurricanes, and plans to improve these forecasts.
Ernie Hildner, Director of the Space Environment Center, finds himself in the shadow of his presentation, but in the limelight internationally during this period of solar maximum.  His presentation on "Space Weather" demonstrated the wide range of phenomena now coming under the NCEP umbrella.

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