NCEP Celebrates First Directors Day

The Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) and the Marine Prediction Center (MPC) recently hosted NCEP's first Directors Day. This was a day set aside for former directors of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) to go back to work at their old organization.

"It was a day of celebration and renewed friendship when the former NCEP Directors entered the World Weather Building again," said current NCEP director, Dr. Louis Uccellini.

Organized by Dr. Jim Hoke, the director of the HPC and MPC, this meeting gave former NCEP directors an opportunity to meet and talk with the current NCEP director and the directors of all nine NCEP centers, who were in town for an NCEP Corporate Board meeting. As part of the event, the Directors participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony officially marking the opening of the fourth-floor operations area following an extensive renovation.

Dr. Hoke began the day by setting three objectives - to showcase the advances the organization has made as a result of the former directors' leadership, to solicit feedback on the growth and development of NCEP in the 21st Century, and to have a little fun. The day was also an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of Dr. George Cressman, the first NCEP director (1954-1964) and former NWS director, who was unable to attend.

Former NCEP Directors in Attendance:

Dr. Fred Shuman  Director, 1964 - 1981
Dr. Bill Bonner Director, 1981 - 1990
Mr. Jim Howcroft Acting Director, 1990
Dr. Ron McPherson Director, 1990 - 1998

NCEP, a part of the National Weather Service, comprises nine national centers - NCEP Central Operations, Environmental Modeling Center, Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, Marine Prediction Center, Climate Prediction Center, Aviation Weather Center, Storm Prediction Center, Tropical Prediction Center, and the Space Environment Center. NCEP is where America's climate and weather services begin.

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