Directors Day at NCEP

October 27, 2000

The Directors of NCEP from 1964 to present

The Directors of NCEP from 1964 to the present
From left to right: Dr. Uccellini, Dr. McPherson, Dr.  Shuman, Dr.  Bonner, and Mr. Howcroft

    The HPC and MPC hosted a very stimulating NCEP Directors Day, held October 27 at the World Weather Building in Camp Springs.  The purpose of the event was to showcase the vital organization NCEP has become as the result of the leadership of the former NCEP Directors.  In attendance were Dr. Fred Shuman (Director, 1964-1981), Dr. Bill Bonner (Director, 1981-1990), Mr. Jim Howcroft (Acting Director, 1990), and Dr. Ron McPherson (1990-1998).

    These distinguished guests heard presentations from current NCEP Director Louis Uccellini and representatives from all nine of the NCEP centers, who were in town for the NCEP Corporate Board meeting.  A highlight of the day was the Sack Lunch Seminar featuring the former directors, who spoke about some of the major activities during their tenures.  The seminar was also an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of Dr. George Cressman, the first director (1954-1964) and former NWS Director, whose health prevented him from attending.  Dr. Jim Hoke, Director of HPC and MPC, organized the event and served as the host, while a number of the HPC and MPC staff handled the numerous local arrangements.

Jim Hoke welcoming the group to NCEP

Jim Hoke welcomed the group to NCEP.

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