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Wingridds Freeware

The WPC International Desks use the freeware WINGRIDDS ( for the analysis of GFS Model data, due to its versatility and easy installation/operation on Windows platforms.

Installing Wingridds

Installer for Version 3.2, including
International Desks Macros as of 2014

Link to the Wingridds website
to install the latest version

*Note: This executable will install the Wingridds Version (3.2) used at the WPC International Desks. This version includes several macros/scripts and variables used for weather forecasting at the desks. An example is the Galvez-Davison Index. To download GFS data using this version you will need to use the following set of programs and place them in C:/WINGRIDDS/datosector_gfs/en . You might need to adjust your scripts so they grab the date from the computer correctly. Please refer to our old website for detailed instructions.

Downloading model data from the NOMADS Server

The program Easy_GFS_Download_v1.7.cmd is a versatile tool to download GFS model data from the NOMADS server. It allows choosing horizontal resolution (among 1, 0.5 and 0.25°) and forecasting cycle (00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC). Courtesy of Juan Jose Amides Figueroa from MARN (El Salvador). The program needs to be installed in C:\WINGRIDDS\datosector_gfs\en . It uses the program aria2C.exe to connect to the ftp server, and should be placed in the same directory as Easy_GFS_Download_v1.7.cmd .

Macros/Algorithms developed by the WPC International Desks

The WPC International Desks have developed several algorithms/macros to enhance weather forecasting practices. A description of some of these macros and the files needed for their installation is available via this link. The current output of operational algorithms/macros applied into GFS 00 and 12 UTC forecast cycles is available via this link.

Most recent update: JMG, 13 September 2017

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