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South American Desk Forecast Charts for Days 1-3

These are experimental forecasts of low-level weather features* and precipitation amounts and types** in South America for days 1, 2 and 3. Note that these are training products produced Monday-Friday, not operational forecasts. For official forecasts refer to your National Hydrometeorological Service.

Day 1

  [white background color version]
  [black/white version]
Day 2

  [white background color version]
  [black/white version]
Day 3

  [white background color version]
  [black/white version]

The weather features are drawn at 00 UTC of each day, while precipitation amounts and types represent 24-hour accumulations ending at 12 UTC, or 12 hours after the feature analysis.

*Low-Level Weather Features   include surface fronts, shear lines, troughs, tropical waves, low-level jets, convergence zones (Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ and South Altantic Convergence Zone or SACZ), squall lines, trade wind surges and dry lines. Wind barbs are use to indicate the point of the strongest 10 meter winds, within areas where the 50kt threshold can be exceeded. A graphical description can be found in the Low-Level Weather Feature Legend .

**Precipitation Amounts and Types   are indicated using filled contours and labels to indicate the expected totals. Contours with semicircles are used to highlight areas where no precipitation is expected. Areas inside the contours with semicircles but with no rainfall amounts contours indicate that precipitation is possible, but is expected in an isolated manner or confidence in occurrence is low. Weather symbols are used to indicate the dominant type of precipitation expected during the occurrence. A graphical description can be found in the Quantitative Precipitation Legend .

Low-level Weather Feature Legend

Quantitative Precipitation Legend

DISCLAIMER:   These forecasts are non-operational products and may not be current or available on a routine basis.

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