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Distinguished Visitors
WMO Delegation Visit on July 14, 2016

James Nelson, WPC DTB Chief, hosted Mr. Yinka Adebayo (WMO's Education and Training Director) during his visit to WPC on July 14. The goals of Yinka's visit were to become familiar with training conducted by the WPC International Desks, and to discuss training perspectives that address the evolving needs of the WMO's Education and Training Division, especially for WMO's Regional Associations III and IV that the WPC International Desk serve.

WMO Delegation Visit on May 06, 2015

The WPC International Desks were honored by the visit of a WMO delegation on May 06 2015. The desks welcomed Elena Manaenkova, the Assistant Secretary-General of the WMO; Dula Shanko Lebeta, the Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Meteorological Service; Makoto Suwa, Hydromet and Disaster Risk Management Specialist of the World Bank; Paul Egerton, from the WMO Liaison Office at the United Nations; and Atanasio Manhique, Director of the Mozambique Meteorological Service and Permanent Representative of Mozambique to the WMO.

Photos from the visit follow.

WMO Assistant Secretary-General Lengoasa Visit (May 8, 2006)

WMO Assistant Secretary-General Lengoasa visits the WPC/International Desks
- May 8, 2006
Left to Right:E. Rodriguez, Bolivia; C. Ponce, Chile; Mr. Jeremiah Lengoasa, WMO Assistant Secretary General; A. Pineda, Mexico; S. Baig, Trinidad and Tobago.

WMO Assistant Secretary-General Michel Jarraud Visit (August 5, 2003)

WMO Secretary-General visits 
       the WPC International Desks - August 5, 2003
Left to Right: P. Butler, The Bahamas; R. Chavez, Bolivia; Dr. Michel Jarraud, WMO Secretary General; M.C. Martinez, Colombia; M. Davison, Director WPC/International Desks; Miguel Vara, Peru.

Former NCEP Director Ronald McPherson Visit on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the desk (August 5, 2003)

Former NCEP Director Ronald McPherson 
       visits the WPC International Desk on the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the desk.
Left to Right: F. Gonzales, Panama; Michel Davison; Ronald McPherson; M. dos Santos Seabra, Brazil; G. Albert, Saint Lucia; W. Maza, Argentina.
Mike Davison receives the NCEP Isaac Cline award for his
Outreach efforts from NCEP Director Louis Uccellini

Mike Davison receives the NCEP  
       Isaac Cline award for his Outreach efforts from NCEP Director Louis Uccellini.
Left to Right: Weidi Flores Villanueva, Peru; Julio C. Rios, Argentina; Dr. Louis Uccellini, NCEP Director; Michel Davison, International Desk Coordinator; Saide Shakeer, Trinidad and Tobago; and Blas Humberto Cordoba, Panama.

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