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Probabilistic Winter Storm Severity Index (WSSI-P)
This display shows the Probabilistic WSSI for a period of 24 hours. Each time-step forward is 6 hours starting at 24 hours and extending to 168 hours. As you move forward in time using the slider bar you can see how the WSSI-P is changing every six hours out to the end of the end of day 7 (168 hours). Select the tab with the element name of interest and then select the impact level radio button you are interested in.


Select WSSI-P Impact Level:

Keyboard HotKeys for slider: > next < previous

Drag the slider or click the arrow buttons to display the probability forecast of impacts from

Forecast Initialized:     | Forecast HR: 24  |     24 HR Forecast Valid at

Click Legend for a detailed description of the impact levels

Change image opacity:   

Download Latest WSSI-P in GIS Format:
Download Data in KML
Download Data in SHP

Map Overlays
NWS County Warning Area Boundaries River Forecast Center Boundaries
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State Boundaries NWS Public Forecast Zones
Urban Areas ARTCC/FIR

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