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Please note:  WPC's web site has switched from the "http" protocol to the more secure "https" protocol. Please consider changing any bookmarked pages and contact us if pages are rendering improperly.
Hazard Day 1 (Jul 21)Day 2 (Jul 22)Day 3 (Jul 23)
Excessive Rainfall SlightSlightSlight
Heavy Snow (≥ 4”)Day 1-3 Winter Weather Forecasts will
resume on September 15th (or as needed)
Ice (≥ 0.25”)
Day 4-7 (Jul 24 - Jul 28)
Day 4-7 Hazards are currently available at the Climate Prediction Center
North American Surface Analysis Legacy Page:
Analyzed at 00Z Sat Jul 21, 2018
Day 9 image not available
Surface Fronts and Sea-Level Pressures Legacy Page:
Analyzed 00Z Sat Jul 21, 2018
Day 1 image not available
Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 00Z 07/21/2018 - 00Z 07/22/2018
Day 1 image not available
Excessive Rainfall Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 01Z Sat Jul 21 2018 - 12Z Sat Jul 21 2018
Day 1 image not available
Medium Range Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 12Z Tue Jul 24, 2018
Day 1 image not available
Forecaster's Toolbox (Prototype)